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Young Statisticians Session (Wednesday, March 20)

If you are a student at the end of your studies or a post graduate student in your first year, you can apply for the Young Statisticians Session. Your presentation should best be covering the topic of your masters/ diploma thesis and can show work in progress if no final research results are yet obtained. The chosen Young Statisticians will be invited to the conference and to the conference dinner.

The YS committee will decide on the applications. If you want to apply, please upload your abstract to the ConfTool and, in addition, send an email including your ConfTool ID, title and abstract of your contribution as submitted to ConfTool and a short CV focusing on your studies to:


Applications must be received 2 weeks before the deadline for standard submissions. Applications which were not successful for YS will be kept as standard submissions.


Nota bene: Applications for the Young Statisticians Session need not leave a remark during regular submission via the ConfTool web page. They must apply by writing to ag-nachwuchs@googlegroups.com.


The deadline for applications has expired.

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