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Education for Statistics in Practice (Thursday, March 21)

For many years the members of the German Region of the Biometric Society have been actively developing and implementing novel statistical methods. Such developments go hand-in-hand with increasing recognition of the importance of continuing education, or life-long learning, for researchers at all stages of their career. At the annual meeting of the society, methodological developments are regularly presented. To further strength the educational work of our society, it was decided to start a series of lectures called Education for Statistics in Practice.


This series is aimed at researchers who are interested in the application of sophisticated statistical techniques to real data. To reach our intended audience it was decided to integrate the series into the main programme of the Society's annual meeting. The format is designed to give an expert the opportunity to present a practical overview of a topic that is directly relevant for practicing researchers in a half-day lecture. State of the art statistical techniques and software will be discussed; issues that arise when using these in practice will be addressed.


This year, the lecture on Statistics in Practice will be given by Prof. Simon Thompson (Cambridge). He will speak about "Meta-analysis of individual participant data from observational studies".

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