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Statistics bazaar/Meth Börse

The DAGStat conference provides a unique opportunity for statisticians  to exchange ideas with colleagues from other areas of application. In particular the statistics bazaar is meant to encourage statisticians to look beyond the toolbox that is commonly used in their own area. Sometimes the ideas of colleagues remain unnoticed by oneself simply because they are communicated in an unfamiliar context.

In the statistics bazaar four distinguished colleagues with different backgrounds will explain some of the subject matter challenges they are confronted with, boil it down to their statistical content, and explain — from statistician to statistician — how these problems can be tackled.



Time: 8.00 am


Tuesday, 19.03.2013

Sandra Ligges

Flexible Methoden bei der Planung und Durchführung von klinischen Studien


Wednesday, 20.03.2013

Lothar Kreienbrock

Modellierungsstrategieen bei hochdimensionalen hierarchischen Daten in der tiermedizinischen Anwendung


Thursday, 21.03.2013

Jens-Peter Kreiß

Bootstrap für abhängige Daten


Friday, 22.03.2013

Bernd Fitzenberger




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