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  • Penalized and Regularized Regression Analysis (Organizer: Göran Kauermann)
  • Time Series Analysis (Organizer: Jens-Peter Kreiß)
  • Robust and Distribution Free Statistics (Organizers: Andreas Christmann and Christine Müller)
  • Non- and Semi-Parametric Statistics (Organizer: Enno Mammen)
  • Observational Studies (Organizer: Sigrid Behr)
  • Survival and Event History Analysis (Organizers: Jan Beyersmann and Marco Burkschat)
  • Computational and Simulation Based Statistics (Organizer: Uwe Ligges)
  • Clustering (Organizer: Berthold Lausen)
  • Classification (Organizer: Hans A. Kestler)
  • Statistics for High Dimensional Data (Organizers: Harald Binder and Gabriel Frahm)
  • Applied Econometrics (Organizers: Winfried Pohlmeier and Axel Werwatz)
  • Risk Analysis and Risk Prediction (Organizers: Dietmar Pfeifer and Martin Schumacher)
  • Statistics in Finance, Insurance and Banking (Organizers: Angelika May and Ostap Okhrin)
  • Statistical Surveillance (Organizers: Michael Höhle and Sven Knoth)
  • Official Statistics, Survey Statistics and Demography (Organizers: Jürgen Flöthmann, Ralf Münnich and Peter Schmidt)
  • Spatial Statistics (Organizers: Thomas Kneib and Jörg-Peter Schräpler)
  • Research Synthesis and Meta Analysis (Organizers: Katja Rost and Gerta Ruecker)
  • Benefit Assessment in Public Health (Organizer: Dieter Hauschke)
  • Statistics in Clinical and Preclinical Research (Organizers: Frank Bretz and Richardus Vonk)
  • Statistics in Agriculture and Ecology (Organizers: Hans-Peter Piepho and Joachim Spilke)
  • Industrial Statistics (Organizers: Sonja Kuhnt and Christian Weiß)
  • Visualizations and Exploratory Data Analysis (Organizer: Alfred Ultsch)
  • Image Analysis and Computer Vision (Organizer: Jörg Polzehl)
  • Statistical Teaching and Consulting (Organizers: Joachim Engel, Helmut Küchenhoff and Geraldine Rauch)
  • Design of Experiments (Organizer: Werner Müller)
  • Educational Research - Competence Modeling in Economics (Organizers: Manuel Förster, Wolfgang Härdle, Sigbert Klinke and Olga Zlatkin-Troitschankia)
  • Statistik in der Öffentlichkeit und in der Politik (German)  (Organizer: Walter Krämer)
  • Open Topics (Organizers: Katja Ickstadt and Wolfgang Schmid)
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